Why is Draught beer loved so much?

You must have heard your friends say that beer from the tap is the best form of beer there is. Has that only made you wonder what’s so special about it? Fret not, we are going to crack open the mystery for you, and we promise your taste buds will thank you later for trying it. Draught (also spelt as Draft) beer or otherwise known as keg beer originally came into existence from a time when medieval monks in Europe began brewing large amounts of it as an alternative to clean drinking water. It is believed that the same Christian monks invented beer 5,000 years back. They started storing them in big-sized barrels which have now been transformed into smaller kegs or casks, and just like that, the draught beer history began! All thanks to the monks for gifting this delectable treasure to humanity.

Let’s take a look at what sets draught beer apart from the rest of the kind.

The amazing trifecta of taste, aroma, and mouthfeel

Beer straight from a keg has a unique taste that’s less bitter than the bottled or canned type. This is because draught beer is not pasteurized.  The pasteurization kills the bacteria in the beer and alters the flavour in the process. Draught beer retains its original flavor and gives you a smoother mouthfeel. Adding to the list of good things about draught beer is its aroma. Since you can drink it out of a pitcher, you can smell it, visualize it and drink it. Isn’t that the best way to experience something, using all your senses?

Because it can’t get fresher than this!

Draught beer typically sells faster, and since it’s regularly replaced with newer kegs, it’s a lot fresher than the other kinds. Light and oxygen are the enemies of any beer. Thus, the kegs are a good packaging option since they lower the oxygen exposure and block the sunlight, keeping the beer fresh and less skunky. They also help in extending the beer’s shelf life.

Believe it or not, it’s environment-friendly too

It’s important to bear in mind the effect a product or service has on our environment. With draught beer, there is very little to worry about. The biggest plus is that there is zero trash involved. The kegs can be reused since they are metallic. If the beer is brewed and consumed locally, it leaves a very minimal carbon footprint behind. The kegs require fewer resources for recycling as opposed to recycling cans and bottles making draught beer and the environment best of friends.

Frothy goodness

Draught beer has a plethora of health benefits too! To begin with, this kind of beer is made of hops – a kind of flower which gives beer its distinctive taste and acts as a preservative – that lowers the chances of forming kidney stones. It has also been proven that it could improve your brain power, lower cancer risk, and osteoporosis. Of course, you can reap these health perks only if it’s consumed in moderation.

Food and beer: A match made in heaven

Draught beer compliments a wide range of food, from delicious pastries and spicy delicacies to a selection of fine cheese. It can accommodate different taste preferences giving us all the more reason to love it! Choose from our exquisite menu and enjoy delicious food and live music at Skyloft – our spectacular rooftop restaurant.

You read it right! We serve the most desired form of beer now, so you don’t have to wait until the Octoberfest to indulge in and let loose. Drop in at Feathers Hotel today and de-stress, one sip at a time!


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