Who said long haul flights have to be uncomfortable?

Don’t we all aspire to be high fliers and stay there for the long haul? Flying has long evolved from just being a mode of faster transportation for the rich to arriving in style for a business conference or a holiday. Being up in the air for long can come with its share of turbulence and that’s when you must exhibit angelic verve to go with the avionic swerve.

All of us go plane crazy when it comes to packing and stacking for long-haul flights; especially, when it’s an official trip confirmed at the last juncture with an overnight layover. Whereas, when planning for a holiday at the other hemisphere, an equal amount of jitters takes flight when unsure of what to pack and which ones to let go.

A long haul is typically an 8-10 hour flight between destinations which is why choosing the right airline can bring in the assurance of high standards of service and comfort. A thing to note is a lot depends on which country you are flying into and what is the local time when the flight lands.

The one joystick that can be taken control of is how you score on your flight sense and flight fashion to help keep the jet lag out of your time zone. Members of the smile high club possess cant-go-wrong tricks to weather the storm and arrive fresh like lilies off the field. Read on to find out how not to be a frequent crier when you are a frequent flier.

The right grub and slurp won’t make you a twerp

Being comfortable is the claim of the game here so choose wisely what you eat before the takeoff and what you wear during the flight to chart your course. Long haul flights have ample scope to binge on airline food and snacks both of which are unfriendly for your tummy and cause a drag on your energy levels. It’s good to have carb-rich foods like whole grain bread, pasta, fruits and salads. Being in a temperature-controlled pressurized cabin, it’s better to avoid coffee and sugary drinks as they tend to keep you awake and make you irritable. It’s advisable to stay off alcohol too as they can get you drunk faster than on land. Keep yourself hydrated and drink often even if you aren’t thirsty. This will also allow you to take walks to the washroom and keep your legs and joints from cramping. You wouldn’t want to appear both bleary eyed and light-headed in a different continent, would you?

Walk the talk with your wardrobe tightrope

Now that the troublesome aspects of food and drinks are addressed you’re left wondering how to while away during the long haul. Well, you can pack smartly and wear wrinkle-free comfortable clothing that prevents the haggardly look when you greet your flight hostess and fellow travellers and strike up an interesting conversation. Dress in stretchy yoga pants, loose fitting cotton tees and bottoms to feel at home in the clouds. Wear sneakers or closed-toed shoes as they are protective and make you feel warm as cabin temperatures can sometimes start acting up. When falling asleep you can take them off and be in your socks as feet tend to swell during long haul flights. Make sure to pack in an eye mask to make you fall asleep easily as light plays a large role in your sleep cycle.

Snooze or groove – what’s your move?

Try to book a window seat as they come with the advantage of offering a look downstairs as you gaze at farmlands that seem chip-sized or long winding roads that appear lit up like a necklace during nighttime. Window seats also allow you to loll sideward as you stay asleep while not being awakened by someone who bumps on you while walking down the aisle. Pack in a neck pillow to keep you safe and cozy. You may also keep earplugs to avoid waking up on a jarring note to a crying cutie pie.

Load your favourite music and films on your phone and iPad and catch up as you binge on them. That way these flights can be smooth as you take off your headphones to hear the captain asking you to fasten your seatbelt for the descent! For a change you can also read up that paperback you picked up at the airport.

Get your ETA right – Essential Toiletries Advantage

Don’t forget to tuck in essential cosmetics in our cabin luggage to keep you picture perfect for any inflight selfie moment that may arise! Remember to store on a moisturizer, lip balm, eye drops, tissues and mints to keep you looking like a breath of fresh air. Mints and candies also help keep your ears from clogging which may lead to a painful eardrum during a flight. However do remember, there are a few rules while carrying these. You need to carry only 100 ml of liquids and gels in your hand carry. You can also throw in a beanie cap or a straw hat to hide your bad hair day when you land and pose for the flashbulbs!

So, the next time you have a long flight coming up don’t allow it to take your trip. Instead, wear your Aviators and gear up for your sortie like a movie star! Au revoir! To make your trip even more memorable, book your stay with Feathers Hotel. Our luxurious rooms are equipped with everything business travellers look for in a hotel.

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