Sunday Sorted: Food, fun and fitness

Spending quality time with your family is precious. But more often than not, we tend to take our families for granted. After a week of hard work and Saturday for yourself and your friends, why not dedicate Sunday to spending time with your family? Wondering how to make this interesting? We’ve got just the thing. A day filled with food, fun and fitness for your entire family! Intrigued? Read on to find out how you can plan the perfect Sunday for the entire family at Feathers Hotel!


Start the day right

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But on Sunday, it’s brunch. And the most important aspect of a Sunday brunch is, of course, the food. Your perfect Sunday begins at 11 am when you arrive at the Feathers Hotel for a hearty brunch! At the Feathers brunch, you can expect an elaborate buffet with varied fare to cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you like Indian, continental, Asian or anything in between, you can be assured of a global menu. Take your pick from cereals, waffles, fruits, sausages and bacon, eggs, juices, shakes and more! Not only that, but we’ve also got some kiddie options as well. And if you’re in the mood for some bubbly, then opt for our Tipsy Brunch or the Bubbly Brunch – both come with different alcohol options, to complement your Sunday brunch experience. Beer aficionados can relish the draught beer we have to offer!


Bring your kids along

For families with young kids, figuring out places to take your little ones along can be quite a task. Well, you’re in luck! Apart from offering some kiddie fare, we also have an enormous Kids Zone so you can enjoy your meal in peace. Games and other engagement activities will keep your little ones fully occupied and ecstatic. So bring your kids along and let them have an entertaining Sunday, munching on their favourite food, making friends and gearing up to talk to about all the fun they had in school the next day.


Lots to do

Your kids won’t be the only ones having a good time. Apart from the fantastic spread and fun activities for your children, don’t forget to head over to our flea market. So enjoy your Sunday afternoon looking through the stalls and pick up various bric-a-brac that catches your eye! Walk around while sipping on some wine and chat with other patrons; get to know some of the other guests and hang out with them. There’s a lot to do at Feathers to make sure your Sunday is exciting and interesting!


Zumba your way to fitness!

It’s almost the end of brunch time. You take the last sip of wine and scoop up the last bit of dessert, sad to have everything end. That’s where you’re wrong. If you’re worried about some of the calories you’ve consumed at our scrumptious brunch, we’ve got you covered. Head over to Barefoot for an invigorating Aqua Zumba session! Not only will you get a healthy dose of exercise in the pool, but you’ll also have a tone of fun doing it.


Or why wait until the end of brunch? Once you get to Feathers, block your table, drop off your bags and then head over to for an invigorating Zumba session, after which you can relax your muscles with a steam bath or enjoy some drinks and snacks at Vapor. Once you’re fully rejuvenated, head back in for lunch.


The perfect day out with Feathers

We’ve kept up our end of the bargain. Now all it’s your turn. Head over to Waterside and Barefoot in Feathers Hotel for the best Sunday experience you’ll ever have. In fact, why wait until Sunday? If the midweek blues have got you down, why not try the Brew Lunch to help you get back on your feet? You could even sample some of our delicious mango and melon dishes while you’re at it!


So keep your Sundays free and head over to Feathers for a fun-filled and exciting Sunday for you and your family. Wine and dine, relax and even get your weekly dose of exercise all in the name of a family outing!


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