Ring in the New Year under a canopy of stars at Skyloft

New Year’s Eve is the most exciting night of the year. It’s time to say goodbye to your trials and tribulations and cherish the fondest memories of the past year. While some people prefer to indulge in an extravagant party, others like to welcome the New Year at the comfort of their homes or a cosy restaurant. However, irrespective of your plans, New Year’s is all about creating everlasting memories with your friends and family. If you wish to have a fantabulous party experience, look no further than the Skyloft in Feathers Hotel. Situated in a stunning location with a magnificent view of the city’s skyline, Skyloft is sure to mesmerise your senses with their scrumptious global cuisine and amazing live music. Here are a few reasons to tell you what makes Skyloft at Feathers the go-to destination for a memorable New Year’s party.

Spectacular sparklers and fireworks

There is no better way to welcome the New Year than using some spectacular and vibrant fireworks. At Skyloft, you are definitely in for a visual treat with a plethora of firework options in varying styles and shapes.  Enlighten your senses with an exclusive array of star-shaped sparklers to make your new beginnings even more memorable with your loved ones. This is also a one-of-kind-opportunity for you to witness some of the other trendiest fireworks of this festive season such as brocades, crossette, dahlia, pistil, peony, Roman candle, salute, spiders, tourbillion, strobes and palm trees. To add some noise and glitter to the party, Skyloft also offers you a wide range of turbulent and boisterous sparklers such as chrysanthemums, multi-break shells and pattern shells, to name a few.


Of lights, music and dance

Lights are everything when it comes to a celebration. The décor and the lighting of Skyloft are designed in such a way so as to create a distinctive vibe for your party night. Their vibrant range of colourful lights is indeed a feast to your eyes. From dwindling daylight lanterns for a cocktail setting to some glamorous fairy lights, Skyloft at Feathers has everything covered for you. New Year’s extravaganza is often synonymous with a gala night of music and dance.  With their classic black and white tones, Feathers gives you the right ambience to set your dance floor on fire. So, this New Year season, if you are at Skyloft, you are sure to have a surreal dancing experience.


Breaking the ice with fun snapping sessions

Is there any other way to spice up a New Year party than indulging in some fun and exciting games?  Party games are a great way to break the ice and help create close bonds between guests. It is also one of the most exciting ways to get the energy pumping.  At Skyloft, New Year bashes are designed with the belief of forging new relationships and beautiful memories. From indulging in fun photo shoots with vibrant props to upbeat games that will keep you on your toes, we have them all! To keep the conversation going, there are a few other interesting activities aimed at helping the guests relive their memories of the past year.


A grand feast to awaken your senses

A New Year’s Eve is definitely incomplete without some delicious food, amazing music and impressive cocktails. The diverse range of food and drinks at Skyloft will definitely be a delight to your taste buds. What makes Skyloft stand out is our flavoursome palate of exotic cuisines including Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Continental and Asian. If you are looking to shake up something that is trendy and offbeat, Feathers is the best bet for you. Our wide range of exquisite cocktails is a great choice to awaken your senses. To add to that, what can be more satiating than wrapping up your party night with an exotic range of delectable pastries?

With its spectacular view, exotic cuisines, fun games and imported beverages, Skyloft is the one stop destination to kickstart your brand New Year. Ring in your New Year in Chennai with a memorable party at Skyloft and start 2019 on a happy note. Here’s wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous

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