Midweek hype: Things to do while waiting for the weekend

Long working hours, crazy deadlines and persistent bosses. The turbo pace at which we work leaves us with midweek blues. You can see the weekend approaching, but while it’s so close, it still feels like it’s a long way off. There is close to half a week of work left ahead of you. You can’t spend a late night out because it might affect your productivity at work the next day. All in all, midweek blues can be quite the mood dampener. You haven’t yet recovered from a stressful Monday, and you’re eagerly awaiting Friday.

If you’re feeling stranded and helpless in the middle of the week and are looking for something fun to drive away the midweek blues, let us at Feathers Hotel help you out. Here are some exciting things you can do at our hotel that will help tide you over until the weekend.


Treat yourself

Whoever said treats are only for holidays? Desserts are one of mankind’s greatest inventions, and they always make everything better. What better way to find comfort than with some delicious pastries courtesy Truffles tea lounge at Feathers? They have a wondrous array of cakes, artisanal bread, cupcakes, doughnuts and more! And what’s a tea lounge without some tea? Sip on one of their signature brews and let the stress of the week fade away.


Tune in to some music

Music soothes the soul – there’s a genre for every mood, a song for every celebration, a tune for any occasion. Whether you’re happy, sad, tired or bored, in music, you will find a companion to accompany you through all your moods. With the midweek blues getting you down, don’t let your brain wallow in negativity. Head over to Skyloft at Feathers. This rooftop restaurant offers you live music along with lip-smacking fare and a spectacular panoramic view of the city. What better way to end the night than with a happy tummy full of delicious food and feet tired from all the dancing? So put your best foot forward and rejuvenate your mojo with the soothing and uplifting effects of music.


Soak up some delicious draught

A long hard day can drain us of any plans for entertainment. Pour some life back into your week with some draught beer. Beer aficionados and Oktoberfest regulars will know that draught beer or keg beer is the best there is. It isn’t as bitter as its bottled counterpart. This is because draught beer isn’t pasteurised. Consumed in moderation, draught beer can help reduce your risk of cancer and improve your brainpower. What’s more, it pairs well with several kinds of food from spicy meals to cheese to even some pastries! Need we say more? Rally up your colleagues and head over to Vapor at Feathers Hotel to sample some of Chennai’s best draught beer.


Brew lunch at Waterside

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the most delicious. We all love a good brunch – it combines two meals, you spend hours chatting with your friends, slowly munching your way through course after course of food, and washing it down with a couple of pints. What’s not to love? While Sunday brunches largely hold the favoured position in peoples’ hearts and minds, here’s one that’s available all week long – the Brew Lunch at Waterside. Leave work for an early lunch and make your way to our lunch buffet. We guarantee delicious food, and you get a complimentary beer at only ₹1199! It’s the perfect deal for a team lunch or even to enjoy just by yourself before getting back to your daily grind.


Midweek blues haunt everybody, but with the right plan, you can tackle and defeat them. Don’t let life pass you by, just helplessly waiting for the weekend to save you. Head over to Feathers Hotel and try one of our many options to de-stress, unwind and re-energise your system!



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