Making the most of your hotel room

One of the best things about planning a vacation is the hotel you’re going to be staying in. From an impromptu work trip with your team to a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other, there is no feeling as thrilling as stepping out of the comfort of your room to experience new adventures.However, no matter how excited you are about your travel plans, you will be surprised at how quickly you start to miss the comforts of your home. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a globetrotter or a first-time vacationer, here’s how you can make the most of your hotel room.

Figure out your preferences

 Even if you already know your own tastes, your idea of the perfect room depends on the purpose of your travel. If you’re on business trip and will be working in your room a lot, a spacious desk will be your priority. A romantic holiday could mean a honeymoon suite and a balcony with gorgeous views. If you’re travelling with children, you’ll need to find a room that accommodates your whole family. Older adults under your care would appreciate a room on the ground floor for quick and easy access.

Make use of toiletries provided

 All hotels give you a complimentary set of toiletries that include a body wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser. Instead of lugging around your own set of toiletries, use the ones provided by the hotel. This way you will have more space in your bag. Secondly, the bottles provided by the hotel are travel-friendly, so you can take them back with you and use them for your next trip.

Take control of sound

 If you’re a light sleeper, getting some quality shut-eye isn’t easy. Come prepared with your own set of earplugs that will help you block out even the smallest sound. Alternatively, you could place a rolled up towel at the bottom of your door to block out stray sound or lights in the corridor.

Stock the pantry

 All hotel rooms provide their guests with complimentary coffee, tea and even a hot water kettle. Make your hotel room feel like home buy bringing your own brand of coffee or tea. This will ensure you start the day off on the right note. If you’re running late and can’t head down to breakfast, use the kettle for some hot water to brew some instant oats or noodles.

Take your creature comforts along

 Some people have certain objects they can’t travel without. For your child, it could be a stuffed toy, for you it could be a pillowcase or blanket. Whatever it is, don’t leave home without it. Bringing your special item along can help make your hotel staying experience all the more pleasant.

Plug-in for comfort 

Some hotel rooms may offer you many electrical outlets, while some may have only two or three. It’s always a good idea to travel with your own power strip to make charging your electronic devices easier. You can also try plugging your phone into the TV’s USB port. This is an easy alternative in case you’ve left your charger at home or if all the other plug points are occupied.

Celebrating? Let them know!

 Is your trip in honour of a birthday or an anniversary? Alert the hotel, and you can be sure they would oblige to make your night even more special. Most hotels will provide you with a complimentary cake and flowers. If you would like to pamper a loved one, speak to the manager to arrange for a small intimate meal on a rooftop restaurantor a live performance.

Ask for help whenever needed

 If you’re trying for an upgrade or simply notifying the front desk of something missing from your room, contact the front desk immediately. To speed up the process, you can directly reach out to the concerned department. For example, if you’re facing a problem with your laundry, call housekeeping directly instead of the front desk. You’ll get your query solved directly rather than going through someone else.

Sign up for loyalty programs

 If the hotel you’re staying at offers a membership program, sign up immediately. There are several benefits that you can avail including free services, free meals, a room upgrade and promotional offers.This is especially beneficial if you’re a business traveller who frequents certain cities or hotels.

Now that you have these fool-proof tips for living in a hotel room, all that’s left is for you to plan your next trip. If you’re headed to Chennai, book your stay at Feathers Hotel for the ultimate combination of comfort and hospitality. Read our blog on things you can do on holiday without leaving your room for more ways to make your hotel room feel like home.

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