Enjoy Delicious Food and Live Music At Skyloft

Imagine dining under a canopy of stars, surrounded by the beautiful Chennai skyline and cool sea breeze gently blowing through your hair. Even the most gifted artist in the world cannot paint a more exquisite picture than the natural night sky outside.  Wondering where you would find this experience? Skyloft Bar and Kitchen at Feathers Hotel gives you just that.

The only thing that could make this experience even more magical is if there was sublime music to go along with it. Well, don’t fret, because we have you covered! At Skyloft, we have the best bands in the city performing live to make your evening truly memorable. Recline in our comfortable lounge chairs, take in the panoramic views of the city line and immerse yourself in the soul-stirring music. It will almost feel like a performance just for you!

Food and music go perfectly with each other

While you sway along to the catchy music, treat your palate to some scrumptious fare. At Skyloft, we offer you a diverse menu which celebrates authentic Mediterranean cuisine, zesty Oriental food, along with modern fusion Indian dishes. As soon as you step into Skyloft, you know you’re in for a great night. The beautiful blue lights that fill the lounge are the perfect complement to the mesmerizing music played by our talented musical stars. After a busy, hurried day, you will finally have time to just unwind and let our friendly staff take care of you instead. But of course, while our ambiance is beautiful and our waiters courteous, what truly makes us stand out is our food.

Start your feast on the right note

At Skyloft, we pride ourselves on our eclectic, authentic menu. We offer a wide variety of dishes from different parts of the globe, each of which matches our high standard of perfection. To quench your thirst after a long day, sip on our Tom Collins or a mojito, which will awaken your taste buds and your senses. If you prefer mocktails, try our refreshing lemongrass and kaffir lime soda, which strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart. A big favorite with our diners is the cilantro almond soup. This vibrant green, creamy soup is the perfect way to start your meal. If you want to begin your meal with a crunch, we highly recommend our chicken caesar salad and our Caprese salad. Both these salads are deceptively simple but incredibly flavorsome.

Dig into food from different corners of the globe

When it’s time for you to order appetizers, you can’t go wrong with our Paneer Asharfiyan. As you sway to the melodious music, your taste buds will be equally delighted. Our Paneer Asharfiyan, one of our signature dishes, are little balls of grated cheese and paneer with a tangy center. Don’t be surprised if your die-hard non-vegetarian friends raid your plate!

For the main course, travel the culinary world with our Mexican chimichangas. These lightly fried burritos are Mexican cuisine at its best. If you’re in the mood for an Indian main with a twist, try our mutton galouti kebabs with vada pav sliders. These delectable dishes put a modern spin on old favorites.

Our desserts hit all the right notes

The one thing that can make stunning displays of fireworks even more awe-inspiring is something sweet to go along with it. To wrap up your night, try our American red velvet slice with generous dollops of feather-light whipped cream slathered over it. One bite of our red velvet and you’ll never be satisfied with red velvet from anywhere else ever again. This decadent dessert is the best ending you could possibly have to an amazing day.

Gearing up to make this weekend one of the best you’ve ever had? Visit Skyloft at Feathers Hotel for a scrumptious dinner with a breathtaking view. There’s no better vantage point in the city for you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful night sky. Call us soon to reserve your table!

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