Celebrate this International Vodka Day with a Skyy full of stars

Come October 4th and vodka lovers around the world will raise their glass to one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Having originated in the cold, snowy lands of Russia, the drink is almost synonymous with the country. And with good reason as many of the world’s finest and most expensive types of vodka are produced there. However, vodka today is produced in many countries and enjoyed world over.


Vodka Day is a wonderful opportunity for vodka enthusiasts to enjoy a new cocktail or savour one of the many flavours of this versatile drink. Read on for more information about this well-loved spirit!



The term “vodka” stems from the Russian word vodka, which means “water”. While the exact birth date of vodka remains unclear, it has been pegged around the 19th century. Initially created for medical purposes, it soon gained popularity for its intoxicating properties around the 1350s.


Ironically enough, unlike the drink itself, its birthplace, too, is unclear. Although Russia is known for this clear spirit, its place of origin is often linked to grain-growing regions around Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and other Scandinavian countries.


Vodka’s popularity increased so much that it soon became a fixture at royal events and religious ceremonies. Historically, a vessel containing more than a gallon of vodka was passed around and those refusing to drink from it were deemed sinners. By the 1600s, it was customary for all meals to begin with bread and vodka, particularly at Russian Imperial banquets.


During the reign of Czar Peter, it was a popular custom for foreign ambassadors to drink the “Cup of the White Eagle” – a whopping litre and a half of vodka!


Versatility of flavour

This popular libation was favoured over other forms of alcohol for exactly those reasons. Its clear and pristine look and taste were what drew many towards this transparent tipple.


With time, many people decided to take their regular vodka drinks to another level by infusing them with their favourite flavours. Today you can find a thousand different flavours of vodka, some that are popular depending on the region of manufacture. While standard flavour infusions include vanilla, strawberry, green apple and other fruity combinations, vodka manufacturers keep trying to push the envelope when it comes to unique flavourings. Think bacon vodka, bubble-gum vodka or even PB&J vodka. You can even try some desi versions like aam panna vodka, chilli vodka or jal jeera!


Another reason for vodka’s popularity is its versatility. Unflavoured vodka acts as a great base for several of the world’s most popular cocktails. And it doesn’t stop just there. Jello shots and M&M shots are also made using vodka! The drink lends itself well to any flavouring making vodka the ideal base for any alcoholic concoction.


Popularity among celebrities

Some of the biggest international artists have either collaborated with vodka companies or started their own because of their love for the drink. Hollywood A-listers like Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy and Bruce Willis are all affiliated to different brands of premium vodka. Dan Akyroyd is the only celebrity to have started his own line of vodka. Aptly named Crystal Head Vodka, the iconic bottle is shaped like a glass skull filled with Akyroyd’s premium spirit.


In fact, thanks to Ian Fleming, vodka has achieved cult status with the evergreen fictional character James Bond ordering his vodka martini “shaken and not stirred”.


Celebrate Vodka Day at Feathers

Vodka lovers in Chennai can now rejoice! Make your way to Feathers Hotel to partake in some hearty Vodka Day celebrations. The festivities will include flaming shots, unique vodka cocktails, dishes flambéed with vodka and much more. And not just any vodka! Our patrons will be served with the high-end Skyy Vodka for an amplified vodka drinking experience. Give Lady Luck a chance with our spin-the-wheel and dance the night away with our in-house DJ. Head over to Skyloft to spend the perfect night with live music under a starry sky.


Keeping line with days dedicated to celebrating alcohol in all its glory, we at Feathers are bringing Oktoberfest to the city. Sample some of the best beers we have to offer and have a blast!



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