Bleisure in India: The latest corporate travel trend

Although it is a relatively new term, but “bleisure travel” – a mash-up of business and leisure travel has gained quite a bit of attention in the last few years. Bleisure serves to provide busy professionals much-needed respite while still being able to complete their business itinerary.

FCM Travel Solutions (the Indian subsidiary of Flight Centre Travel Group, Australia) recently released a “Bleisure Report, India” which revealed that several Indian employees were extending their business trips for leisure, effectively blurring the line between business and leisure travel.

Nearly 65.5% of respondents said that their employers were okay with them adding leisure travel to their business trips while 27.6% said that it was not permitted. Despite this, however, bleisure travel is quickly gaining favour as a trend in the corporate world. In fact, the trend has also given a major boost to hoteliers and travel solution providers.

If you’ve partaken in bleisure travel or would like to know more about this interesting travel trend, then read on!

  • For those looking to plan their first bleisure trip, the first thing to do is discuss with your boss. You might be surprised as to how accommodating he/she can be. Bleisure travel may be a niche phenomenon, but your employers would have at least heard of the term. If they haven’t, simplify things by just asking for an extra day to your business trip.


  • If you have some vacation days handy, add them to your business trip. This way your employer won’t have to incur the cost of your free time and will be more likely to grant you permission for your bleisure travel.


  • Another popular trick of bleisure travel is to take your family or significant other along. When your company pays for your hotel, they pay for the room. You can take an extra person along without paying extra. While you’re attending you’re meetings, your loved ones can entertain themselves at the hotel, and you can return to them once your day is done. Think of it as your home away from home. It’s also a great way to take your family on a trip and spend quality time with them, without spending too much money.


  • When you’re packing for bleisure travel, make sure you take along essentials like casual clothes, a bathing suit and anything else you would need to feel like you’re on holiday. Nothing would be worse than arriving at a hotel with only your work clothes.


  • Most cities come alive at night. So plan and schedule all your meetings and work for the mornings so that you can have the evenings and nights to yourself. Give yourself a few hours leeway in case of delays in your work, which are of course, unavoidable. But planning and efficient working are essential to creating the perfect bleisure trip.


  • Look for centrally located hotels. This way, even if your meeting is delayed, you can still head out for some sightseeing directly from your hotel. This way you won’t feel like you’ve wasted a trip. You can read our blog on places around Feathers that make it the go-to place.


  • Do some research and look for a training conference or seminar in a new city you haven’t visited. It’s an excellent way for you to travel while strengthening your professional development and building your network at the same time. Most employers and companies would be willing to foot the bill for your accommodation in such instances.


  • If you’ve got only 24 hours in a city, make the airport your home. Several airports feature “leisure-friendly” amenities like lounges, bars, salons, spas and complimentary Wi-Fi.


On the whole, bleisure travel shows no sign of slowing down, and it’s time you got on board with this trend that’s taking the travel and corporate worlds by storm! Now that you know what to expect and how to go about bleisure travel, all that’s left to do is book your tickets and plan your trip. If you’re visiting Chennai, book your stay at the centrally located Feathers Hotel. You can also read our blog a weekend guide to Chennai, to help you navigate the city.


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