A spoonful of summer – Sample some of the best mango and melon dishes at Feathers

There are always reasons to celebrate when summer is around, like finally going on that family trip you’ve been planning for, do a summer internship or learn a new skill. As exciting as these things are, summer would be incomplete without indulging in the season ’s delicious treats. You’ve guessed it right! It’s the divine duo of sun-coloured mangoes and juicy melons that really bring out the spirit of summer. These two fruits add a whole lot of life to a number of dishes, giving an ambrosial experience to the diner. Are you looking for some mouth-watering mango and melon infused delicacies? Read on!

Summer and mangoes: A delicious love affair

Mangoes bring about a sense of nostalgia, it could be reigniting the memory of your grandmother feeding you raw mangoes with a hint of chilli powder on it or a fight over the last standing mango in the house with your sibling. With that said, it is a given that mangoes are spelt as H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S.  It’s not summer until the ripe, golden balls of sweetness flourish in the market. It’s rightly called the emperor of fruits as it’s universally loved and cherished. Mango in every form is a delight to the taste buds, be it a mango sundae, mango pastry or even simply diced cubes of it in a bowl. It can sweep you off the floor with just one bite. Not just for their heavenly taste, it’s also popular for the myriad health benefits it comes with. It is packed with Vitamin A and C lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer. Shouldn’t we be utterly thankful for this nature’s gift to us?

Culinary chefs from all parts of the world have been viewing mangoes as the king of ingredients. One can not only make delicious pastries with Mango but also create appetisers and main courses. At Skyloft, our world-class chefs have set out the table for all the mango lovers with indo-fusion food.  While ordering appetisers, you can’t go wrong with our mango and prawn salad with sweet chilli dressing. It is so good that it wouldn’t be a surprise if you order another bowl of it for the main course too. For all the vegetarians in the house, worry not! We have the Thai green mango salad with peanut dressing and apple-mango salad. Keep your doctor miles away from you with this healthy and flavoursome bowl of goodness.

Melon Mania

Melons are another popular summer treat. They come in a variety of sizes, tastes and kinds. The crowd favourite from the lot would be the red, giant globe of succulent goodness called Watermelons. Nothing can beat the feeling of downing a pitcher of cold-pressed watermelon juice on a hot summer.  For all the watermelon lovers out there, we have a selection of melon dishes curated just to please your palate. Let’s begin with our melon and cucumber salad with yogurt dressing. This is the perfect appetiser to begin your meal with as the cucumber and yogurt tend to cool down your body and helps in secretion of digestive fluids. If you like your salad with a little bit of bite to it, we have the right fix for you. Our lip-smacking melon and crisp prosciutto salad will instantly win over your heart by hitting the sweet spot between savoury and sweetness. Pair this amazing dish with a glass of draught beer while enjoying the spectacular view of the city. There are also other kinds of melons like muskmelons and pumpkins.  At Skyloft, we’ve put together an array of pumpkin(called  Pusanikkai in Tamil) dishes giving a South Indian spin to it. For the main course, slip into the comforts of native food like our Pusanikkai kootu( Pumpkin gravy) and the incredibly flavoursome Pusanikkai meen kozhambu( Pumpkin fish curry). These dishes will definitely give you the feel of home, enhancing it with our live music and impeccable service at Skyloft.

Take your taste buds for a treat by indulging in these scrumptious summer delicacies at Feathers Hotel. Celebrate the spirit of summer and have a blast!


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