5 things business travelers look for in a hotel

Business travelers are constantly traveling for work and are one of the major driving forces behind the hotel industry. As they are not traveling for leisure, it is important for them to have a comfortable stay and what they look for in a hotel is also different from what a recreational traveler might want. They value efficiency and comfort above all else and look for hotels, which cater to these needs. Here are five things business travelers look for in a hotel.

Location is key

When you’re short on time, you need a hotel that’s easily accessible from the airport. It also needs to be close enough to major commercial areas of the city so you don’t spend too much time on travel. Business travelers are generally new to the city they’re traveling to and don’t know their way around it. They’re a lot more likely to pick your hotel if it’s close to key areas in the city and is easy to reach. Another way to woo business travelers is through a hotel pickup and drop facility. This simplifies things a great deal for business travelers, who won’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out their own transport.


Unlimited access to super-fast Wi-Fi

Fast Wi-Fi is as essential as food and water to a business traveler. Business travelers need all the time they can get to stay updated on project reports and to catch up on work. When they’re in the middle of something important, nothing can impede things more than a slow internet connection. Fast Wi-Fi is no longer an added perk of a hotel, it’s a necessity. The hotel’s Wi-Fi also needs to be accessible from all areas. While every room definitely needs to have good Wi-Fi connectivity, the hotel lobby and restaurants also need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection.


A business traveler spends so much time away from their home that hotels often become their second home. Because of this, they need a hotel that offers them all the convenience of their homes. Hotels need to make their stay as seamless as possible. This means catering to their every need, no matter how small it might seem. An often overlooked facility that every business traveler needs is multiple plug points. Having one outlet by the bed and one on the other side of the room just won’t cut it. Business travelers typically travel with many electrical devices and need as many plug points to charge all of them. They also need appliances in their room like a kettle, safe and blow dryer, a fully stocked minibar and sachets to help them make their own beverages.


For a business traveler, a hotel is more than just a place for them to sleep in for the night. Their hotel room needs to be the ultimate lap of comfort, a place where they can relax and forget about all the stresses of the day. While a cosy, warm bed is definitely a big part of it, comfort is much more than that. Business travelers feel comfortable when the hotel has friendly staff that will take care of all of their needs. Women traveling alone for business feel comfortable when the hotel concierge arranges a hotel car for late night pickups. Business travelers have enough work-related stress to deal with; they don’t want to worry about issues within the hotel too.


Plenty of opportunities to unwind

After working all day, business travelers just want to relax in the evenings. When they look for a hotel, apart from the basic amenities, they also want added perks to make their stay even better. They look for hotels that have great dining options, serving a variety of delicious cuisines. Great food can instantly lift away all their stress and make them happy. Many business travelers are also very health conscious. They want a well-equipped gym and wellness center in their hotel so they don’t slip up on their fitness regime just because they’re traveling. Many business travelers these days are also looking for a good spa within the hotel. When they’re exhausted after working all day, a relaxing massage can come as a godsend. Business travelers also appreciate a helpful hotel concierge who can suggest places within the city for them to visit.

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