5 Delicious Pastries That Will Make You Forget Your Diet

 Sticking to your health and fitness resolutions can be difficult, especially if you have a sweet tooth. You try to steel yourself against the temptation. But a mere glimpse or the smallest whiff of freshly baked bread, chocolate or cookie-dough comes by and all thoughts of your diet leave you. Whether you are heading out for your next big business trip or preparing for a long-haul flight, a hearty pastry complements every situation.

Desserts are designed to get you twice – first when you look at them and next when you dig in. We can’t help it; we’re hardwired to crave sugar. Here are some delicious pastry recipes that are cult favourites.


A chocolate brownie is hard to beat. Cakey on the outside and fudgey in the middle and crispy on top – who can resist them? And they’re compact! You can walk around with a brownie in your hand and be productive while treating yourself at the same time. Furthermore, there are several variations of this chocolate square. Many chefs experiment with this pastry recipe by adding nuts, chocolate chips, dry fruits, ice cream or even combining them with cookies to create a brookie! If you aren’t much of a chocolate fan, try a blondie. It’s the same as a brownie minus the cocoa powder.

Bread in every form

There are few things in the world that smell as delightful as freshly baked bread. While it isn’t dessert or a pastry in the conventional sense, they come in every shape, size and form and act as a vessel for whatever scrumptious treats you want them to carry. Think banana bread, chocolate croissants or even bread pudding! A base for several delicious pastry recipes, bread is versatile in form and delicious in taste.

Red Velvet cake

Nothing is as exquisite as a red velvet cake. Traditionally, a red velvet cake is a layered chocolate cake slathered with cream cheese icing and is of course, red in colour. A delicious pastry recipe, the perfect red velvet cake is moist and fluffy and strikes the right balance between sweet and acidic. What gives red velvet its unique taste is the combination of chocolate and cream cheese. Even just visually, it’s a treat to look at with its iconic bright red hue against the cloudlike cream cheese frosting. So whether it’s an entire cake for a celebration or just a slice for yourself, you can’t go wrong with this classic.


No one knows the origins of the humble cupcake, but we’re glad they exist. A cupcake gives us particular happiness because they’re essentially a tiny cake for one person! You can get really creative with cupcakes – use all sorts of icing, bake them with chocolate chips, use sprinkles or nuts to decorate them and make them as big or as small as you’d like. They’re a crowd favourite, popular with kids and adults alike. And since they’re mini-cakes, they won’t pile on as many calories as an entire cake.


Doughnuts are rings of sweet, doughy, deep-fried goodness. Nothing beats the flavour and aroma of a freshly made doughnut. They’re a combination of warm fluffy bread and your favourite icings, fillings and toppings. Like cupcakes, they’re extremely versatile, and you can let your imagination run wild with the kind of doughnut combinations you could conjure up.

It’s time you look up these delicious pastry recipes and treat your taste buds to a much-needed sugar rush. Or, make sure you head over to Truffles Tea Lounge, located in the lobby of Feathers Hotel. We’re open 24 hours a day, so drop by for a quick bite, to unwind or even a midnight snack!





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